Image result for covid-19     I've produced a short list of resources to support mental well-being during these distressing times. I'm posting that list below. Additionally that list is available here on google drive. You are welcome to share the link with your students, fellow health professional educators, your students, your deans, your loved ones and your global communities.
     You all know we are experiencing an unprecedented pandemic—at least during our lifetimes. As such, we must all take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of everyone involved in health professional education. That includes students, faculty, staff, patients, standardized patient actors, and the general public. At the same time, we must work to prevent the spread of misinformation, panic, or paranoid fears. We’re confident that the leadership in each of your programs is striking the right balance for everyone’s safety and need to proceed within your local contexts. But since one of Osmosis’s core values is to “Have Each Other’s Backs,” below is a list of resources we recommend to maximize everyone’s psychological health during these distressing times.
Amin Azzam, MD, MA
Academic psychiatrist at 3
San Francisco bay-area health science universities
Osmosis Faculty Engagement Coordinator


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Virtual Platforms

For providers:
How to set up account

Having a call with a patient

Setting up a test call

For your dashboard and account settings
For patients:
How to set up through chrome

How to set up through firefox
U.S. Dept of Justice/Drug Enforcement Administration/Diversion Control Division: COVID-19 Information Page

"Talking to Kids about Coronavirus"

The Well by Northwell:

Well Said with Dr. Ira Nash featuring Dr. Victor Fornari 

Coronavirus Update: Mental Health Impact

“Coping with Stress”

US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC):

“Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19”

US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC):

“Taking Care of your Emotional Health”

US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC):

“Helping Children Cope with Emergencies”

US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC):

RedBook Online COVID-19 Outbreak page

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP):

Q&A on Coronaviruses

World Health Organization (WHO):

Coronavirus & Mental Health: Taking Care of Ourselves During Infectious Disease Outbreaks

American Psychiatric Association (APA):

Coronavirus & Emerging Infectious Disease Outbreaks Response

Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress (CSTS):

Taking Care of your Family during Coronavirus Fact Sheet

Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress (CSTS):

Research Information: Pandemics

American Psychological Association:

Five ways to view coverage of the Coronavirus

American Psychological Association:

Speaking of Psychology: Coronavirus Anxiety

American Psychological Association:

Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope with COVID-19

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network:

Just for Kids: A Comic Exploring the New Coronavirus

National Public Radio:

Talking to Teens & Tweens about Coronavirus

The New York Times:

Home is Where the Work is: How to Keep Your Cool--and Get Things Done--When You're Teleworking

Home is Where the Work is: How to Keep Your Cool--and Get Things Done--When You're Teleworking
U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs: How to Talk to a Child about a Suicide Attempt in Your Family

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