Membership in the AADCAP is restricted to child and adolescents psychiatrists who are division, section or free-standing department directors of child and adolescent psychiatry within or affiliated with an accredited medical school in the U.S. or Canada. Any individual who ceases to be a director shall cease to be an Active member. If an individual has had a cumulative five years as a Member, he or she may request a transfer to Emeritus Member status.

Please include a letter from the Chair of the Department of Psychiatry or Dean of the School of Medicine verifying your directorship of the program (a template has been provided for your convenience). Beginning in 2020, dues are $300 (Active) /$200 (Emeritus) for the calendar year; if applying after July 1, dues are one-half of the full year. Complete and "Submit" this form or email it to (all fields are required):

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Please "Submit" or email this form plus your letter of verification to  Payments can be made via PayPal or by sending a check made payable to AADCAP.  If mailing paperwork and/or payment, please send to Earl Magee, AADCAP Executive Director, 5903 Mount Eagle Drive #917, Alexandria, VA 22303.  Email:

Thank you!