AADCAP has six standing committees and a Diversity & Equity Committee.  The general committees' mission is to address the pressing issues facing child and adolescent psychiatry program directors. Specifically, these committees have the following objectives:

  • Facilitate a committee meeting to be held during the year and/or an AADCAP meeting to discuss committee issues;
  • Create a session for a meeting;
  • Represent AADCAP on issues related to the committee.
Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs
John Walkup, MD
James Waxmonsky, MD 
Mike Sorter, MD
Jeremy Veenstra-VanderWeele, MD
Peter Szatmari, MD 
Training and Education
Sandra Sexson, MD
Steve Cuffe, MD
Bennett Leventhal, MD
AADCAP's seventh committee is the Nominating Committee.  There shall be a three-person Nominating Committee established that will determine a slate of at least two candidates for the positions of President-Elect and Secretary-Treasurer. The Chair of the Nominating Committee shall be a Past President other than the immediate Past President as chosen by the President of AADCAP during an odd-numbered year. The other members of the Nominating Committee can be chosen by the Chair of the Nominating Committee or the President and shall be represented by two other AADCAP members in good standing, one General Member and one Emeritus Member. Members of the Nominating Committee are not eligible for the slate of the upcoming election.